Saulietis Family on Lielupe Hotel: "It is a Paradise for Families"

2016, December 5

After returning from away games, Riga Dinamo hockey player Kaspars Saulietis spent his vacation with his family - he, along with his wife Katrīna and their daughters Kortnija and Kerija, went to Lielupe, where they comfortably stayed at Lielupe by Semarah Hotels, surrounded by the sea breeze and pine forest.

"We have been to many places, and we can confidently say that such places are rare - where everything is so thought out for families with children and their convenience. Kaspar and I were able to leisurely enjoy the pool, jacuzzi, saunas, and the gym without worrying about how our daughters are feeling, what they are doing, or if they are bored. This hotel offers so many exciting activities for children that the favorite toys we brought with us were unnecessary. We will definitely come back here, and we recommend everyone else to enjoy a family vacation at Lielupe Hotel," said Katrīna Sauliete, satisfied with their stay at the Jūrmala hotel.

For the Sauliete daughters, this trip to Jūrmala was a surprise, and when they found out they would be staying at the hotel overnight, Kortnija and Kerija were ecstatic. Upon arriving at the hotel, Katrīna and Kaspar's children registered at a special reception for kids. The hotel staff presented the girls with balloons, colorful pencils, coloring pages, and handed them a special registration form for children, which Kerija happily filled out, signing it on behalf of her younger sister as well.

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