Solo exhibition by painter Kristīne Rublovska

Sep 20, 2021 | Blog, Grand Poet

On Friday, November 1, the Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) in cooperation with Semarah Hotels opened the fifth art exhibition at the design hotel Grand Poet Hotel. This time, everyone interested has the opportunity to see solo exhibition “Beings” (Būtnes) by Kristīne Rublovska, a talented artist who graduated from the AAL earlier this year.

“I seek inspiration for my works in nature and people, because I paint what I see, I just interpret it the way I see things. Since detail and materiality are very important to me, I tend to reflect on the tactile experience. In some places the paintings resemble fluffy fabric, in others, natural shapes, grass stalks, animal furs can be discerned. In general, the works at this exhibition are a kind of mystical stories with a plot that is not easy to follow, which leaves room for the viewer’s free interpretation,” says painter Kristīne Rublovska, inviting everyone to visit the gallery.

Kristīne Rublovska’s solo exhibition was opened by the AAL Rector Kristaps Zariņš, AAL Associate Professor, painter Vija Zariņa, as well as other representatives from the AAL and the Grand Poet Hotel Head Māris Alnis. Family members and close friends were also present to support the artist.

The Art Academy of Latvia Associate Professor, painter Vija Zariņa describes the works of the young artist as emotional, deep and beautiful: “It was a pleasure for me to be the supervisor of Kristīne’s Master’s thesis. From the very beginning, I observed great drawing skills in Kristīne’s works of art, an excellent sense of colour and attention to detail, bringing everything together in a personal story. The artist is able to conjure her stories with confidence and skill.”

The title of the exhibition, “Beings” includes key words that interact and describe the overall idea. These include “beings” (būtnes), “to be” (būt), “I” (es), “carry” (nes) and a negative “not” (ne), or contradiction. The word “beings” has three meanings in Latvian. It refers to living beings, human nature, and imaginary shapes, images. In this case, “beings” encompass all three aspects and address such a controversial yet captivating subject as melancholy. The artist’s melancholy is a stage at which sadness is unified with happy feelings, and the aim is to create a sense of presence of contradictions, while at the same time to create a harmonious overall atmosphere.

Kristīne Rublovska was born in 1986. She started studying painting at the Art Academy of Latvia (2013–2017), first obtaining a bachelor’s degree in textile arts, then continued her Master’s studies at the academy’s Painting Department (2017–2019), graduating this year. She collaborates with artists in different fields, for instance, with choreographers, working on set and costume design. Kristīne Rublovska’s works have been exhibited in many galleries in Latvia, as well as abroad, for example, in Estonia and Belarus. The exhibition at Grand Poet Art Collection is her first solo exhibition in Riga.

“Grand Poet Hotel is creating a unique and inspiring collection of works by young Latvian artists – after each exhibition, the hotel purchases one painting from the exhibition that was the most popular with the visitors, and includes it in the Grand Poet Art Collection,” says Māris Alnis, Head of Grand Poet Hotel. Each visitor to the gallery can vote for his or her favourite work of art by awarding it a special sticker – a five-grand coin. The voting stickers are available at Grand Poet Hotel.

About Grand Poet Art Collection

On June 14, 2018 the Art Academy of Latvia and Semarah Hotels chain of hotels signed a memorandum of understanding on support for the development of young artists. The objective is to support the academy’s students and young Latvian artists – to encourage them to strive for new achievements, build self-confidence and pursue an international career, provide financial support for talent development, create a space for solo exhibitions, thereby promoting the development of art in Latvia.

About Grand Poet Hotel

Grand Poet Hotel was opened by Semarah Hotels, a hotel chain founded in Latvia. At the moment, the hotel chain includes resort hotel Lielupe in Jūrmala and two hotels in Riga: the four-star historic Metropole hotel on Aspazijas Boulevard and the elegant five-star design hotel Grand Poet Hotel at 5/6 Raiņa Boulevard. Each one has its own unique story to tell.

Grand Poet Hotel’s Diplohemia concept combines diplomatic and bohemian design solutions developed by the internationally acclaimed and award-winning concept and design agency Stylt Trampoli (Sweden). The hotel was designed by the architectural firm Sarma un Norde (Latvia), preserving the architectural uniqueness of the building. The name of the hotel carries a duality that is often embodied in poets – earnest and bohemian.

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