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On Thursday, October 4, the Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) in cooperation with Semarah Hotels opened the second art exhibition organized with the aim of supporting young and talented Latvian artists. At the close of each exhibition, Semarah Hotels purchases the most popular painting at the exhibition to create a unique art collection, the Grand Poet Art Collection.

On Thursday, solo exhibition “Portraits” (Portreti) by the young artist and AAL Master’s student Justine Seile opened at Grand Poet Hotel, featuring several works of art can. The stories depicted in the paintings are dramatized, caricatured and exaggerated situations, which reflect the artist’s fantasy world with a small dose of humour. Unique compositions and evocative colour palette characterize the artist’s paintings.

Justīne Seile, a student at the Art Academy of Latvia: “I draw inspiration for paintings from powerful experiences and real events in life. That is why I, a family member or a close friend is often the main character of the paintings. I am interested in a person, his or her portrait and body, I pay a lot of attention to light and shade, how they interact, to conjure up a situation full of drama, which therefore draws my attention.”

Justīne studied at Ventspils State Gymnasium No. 1, attended Ventspils Visual Arts Studio to learn the ABCs of painting, then studied at Liepāja Art and Design Secondary School, and is currently continuing her Master’s studies in painting at the Art Academy of Latvia. Justīne had her first solo exhibition in 2014.

Vija Zariņa, painter, Associate Professor at the Art Academy of Latvia: “Justīne Seile is a young painter who clearly knows what she wants to achieve in her works, and she has the skills, talent and knowledge to do this. Having your own view of things happening in this world is very important. Equally important is the painter’s individual style and the means of expression he or she uses.”

Māris Alnis, head of Grand Poet Hotel: “The Grand Poet Art Collection, created in collaboration with the Art Academy of Latvia, is meant to inspire and support our young and talented artists. Grand Poet Hotel possesses tremendous creative energy. Having seen the works of the most talented young art students, we are convinced that the Art Academy of Latvia has a similar driving force. By creating this collection, we not only support artistic creativity and give the public opportunity to see works of Latvia’s young talents, but also tell our guests and life lovers from all over the world the story of Latvia as an inspiring and beautiful place that travellers want to see again and again.”

The first exhibition featured paintings by Madara Kvēpa. Visitors to the exhibition and hotel guests voted the painting “Sun Shouts in the City” (Saule iekliedzas pilsētā) their favourite piece of the exhibition. The painting was purchased by Semarah Hotels to became the first work of art in the Grand Poet Art Collection. Visitors will be able see Justīne Seile’s solo exhibition and vote for their favourite painting until January 2019.

About Grand Poet Hotel

Grand Poet Hotel was opened by Semarah Hotels, a hotel chain founded in Latvia. At the moment, the hotel chain includes resort hotel Lielupe in Jūrmala and two hotels in Riga: the four-star historic Metropole hotel on Aspazijas Boulevard and the elegant five-star design hotel Grand Poet Hotel at 5/6 Raiņa Boulevard. Each one has its own unique story to tell.

Grand Poet Hotel officially opened on May 31. The hotel’s Diplohemia concept combines diplomatic and bohemian design solutions developed by the internationally acclaimed and award-winning concept and design agency Stylt Trampoli (Sweden). The hotel was designed by the architectural firm Sarma un Norde (Latvia), preserving the architectural uniqueness of the building. The name of the hotel carries a duality that is often embodied in poets – earnest and bohemian.

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