In order to ensure that all guests pay for their stay at the hotel, each guest is required to present a credit card and make a prepayment upon arrival. In order to ensure that you do not exceed your credit limit during your stay at the hotel, we prepare a credit limit report once a day to make sure that your credit limit has not been exceeded. Credit limit reports may include your personal data.

Categories of data processed:
– Arrival and departure dates
– Name/surname
– Type, number and expiry date of the payment card

Data source:

Depending on the booking channel used:

Directly from the booking form you have filled out

From the online booking channel you use

From your travel agency

From our customer service

From the specific hotel where you have booked a room

Directly from your hotel registration card

Reason for data processing:
Data processing is necessary to safeguard our legitimate interests, for example, to prevent the use of a service free of charge.

Recipients of the data:
– Other structural units of SEMARAH HOTEL MANAGEMENT involved
– Providers of IT services